Andrea Gibson spoke on campus today

she is the cooliest

National day of action! #March4th #solidarity @bcdivest

National day of action! #March4th #solidarity @bcdivest

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When will your hand find itself in mine?

"So, this is a song about true love and, uh, castles. It’s not about, really, about much other than true love, maybe. We’ll see what you guys think. It’s called Calgary."

Justin Vernon’s introduction to Calgary; September 21st, Radio City Music Hall

to paraphrase thoreau…


Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth FOOD

noodles plz

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oh my

oh my

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Seabear - Hospital Bed

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i don’t think my live tweet of the iliad is very popular

too bad

ima keep it

boys are silly and should be confined



question: can i hook up with my orientation leader

Answer: TBD

i fucking love cheese